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Why Is Your Gun Safe Beeping?

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Most people complain that their home gun safes keep beeping. That can be a huge concern, especially if you can't tell what's causing the beeping. This article will concentrate on why your gun safes may keep beeping and how you can solve the issue.

You Have Moved the Safe

Most gun safes have alarms that go off when someone tampers with them. You don't even have to try breaking the safe for the alarm to go off. Moving a gun safe from its original position is enough to set off the beeping security system. The beeping is just a warning that someone is trying to steal your safe or a child is trying to pick it up. The beeping should stop after some time, but if it doesn't, you can disarm the security alarm system.

Dying Batteries

Dying batteries are another possible reason for your gun safe beeping. Some models are designed to alert you when the batteries start to die. In this case, the beeping system will go off once in a while. So, if the beeping sound comes when you are not using the safe, it's a warning that your safe's batteries need replacing. Replacing the batteries is easy, you just need to get behind the keypad. Battery replacements should be done on time to avoid lockouts.

You Are Inputting the Wrong Code

Your gun safe will beep to alert you that you have keyed the incorrect combination code. As such, you must figure out the correct code instead of inputting random codes. And as you know, inputting the wrong code a couple of times will put your gun safe in lockout mode. 

Ensure that you are pressing the buttons in the correct sequence. In case the electronic code goes into lockout mode, the gun safe will produce an angry beep when you try to input the code. That said, you'll have to wait for the lockout mode to end before attempting to key in the right code.

It's the Default Setting When You Press the Buttons

Does your electronic lock beep every time you press a button? Well, that is a default setting that comes with most gun safes. The beep indicates that the system has registered or recognized whatever button you have pressed. 

In that case, there's nothing wrong with the safe. But if you find the beeping annoying, you can turn it off. If you can't find a way to turn off the beeping, you can seek help from the manufacturer or a professional locksmith.