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5 Reasons You Need Commercial Locksmiths to Rekey Your Locks After Moving

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Did you move to a new office? To ensure the safety of your assets, you should prioritize the protection of your building. You will need to ask a commercial locksmith to re-encrypt the lock. If you have a limited budget, it makes sense to regenerate the lock key. The locksmith adjusts the lock pins during this process, making the old key unusable. Regenerating the key is cheaper than a complete replacement. It's also fast. Under what circumstances do you need commercial locksmiths to rekey your locks? 

1. To Strengthen Security 

Lock rekeying is one way to increase security. When you move to a new location, one of your priorities is to secure your property. You can ask a commercial locksmith to re-encrypt the lock. All old keys will not work because the lock pins are replaced. This is how you can improve the security of your building quickly. 

2. To Repair a Broken Lock 

If the lock is damaged and cannot be replaced, ask a commercial locksmith to reset the key. This affordable solution ensures that your property is safe and secure. The regenerated lock of the key works like a new lock. It can fix the lock with a loose pin or a broken key. 

3. If You Lose Your Key

If you lose your key, you can ask a commercial lock shop to rekey it instead of replacing it. This is one of the cheapest ways to replace a lost key. This will prevent the old key from being used for unauthorized access. 

4. If You Need a Single Key

If you need a single key for every lock, you can ask a commercial locksmith to reset the lock key instead of buying a new one. Consolidating many keys into a single key makes sense in terms of ease of use. Rekeying to one key is most effective when only a few people are in a building with many doors. In this way, the key can be accessible to only a few hands to keep the building secure. 

5. If Your Budget Is Tight

If you're working on a tight budget, regenerating keys is one of the best options for buying a new lock. Regenerating the key is also faster than exchanging it. For young businesses, re-encrypted locks can be used to reduce startup costs. 

Securing business assets must be a priority for all business owners. Rekeyed locks are a cheap and quick way to protect your business facility. Contact commercial locksmiths to arrange for locks rekeying and enhance the security of your building.