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Signs You Need To Replace Your Car Keys

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Most people don't think about their car keys until they lose them. Well, there are so many things that can happen to your car key. Apart from losing your car key, it can get worn out or break off in the lock. Such problems should tell you it's time to replace your car keys. This write-up will go into the specific signs that should alert you to replace your car keys.

Your Car Key Is Worn Out

Using your car keys often puts them at the risk of wear and tear. As long as you use your car key, its threads will degrade over time. It will reach a point when the key becomes incompatible with the door locks or the ignition. 

While you don't need to worry about a few cuts and dings on the car key, they can develop into large nicks and valleys. If you notice your car key is slowly losing its threads, have an automotive locksmith replace it. It's always good to plan for a replacement before the key fails.

Your Car Key Is Broken

The other scenario that might prompt you to get a car key replacement is when the key breaks. As you probably know, there are so many reasons that your car key can break. The most common causes include old age and temperature changes. 

Unfortunately, most car keys will snap in half when turning on the ignition or unlocking the door. Once your car key breaks, call your local auto locksmith to replace the key and get the broken piece from the ignition. 

Lost Car Keys

Lost car keys is a common problem among most car owners. You can misplace your car key the same way you would misplace your house keys. If that happens, you should consider rekeying your car's ignition or getting a replacement car key. Both procedures can be done at your dealership or by an experienced auto locksmith.

Difficulty Turning the Key

If you notice some resistance when you try to turn the key in the ignition, it means either the ignition cylinder is worn out or the car key is damaged. As such, you'll have a difficult time trying to start the engine. Besides, forcing the key to turn might cause it to break, leaving you with more problems. Your only way out is to replace your current car key with a new one.

Car keys are meant to last for a long time, but that doesn't mean you won't encounter problems along the way. The trick is replacing them in time. Otherwise, they'll fail when you least expect it. 

Contact an auto locksmith in your area for more information.