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Dealing With Damage To Your Commercial Door

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When you are dealing with commercial doors, the locks and the mechanisms are typically more substantial because the doors take so much more abuse than a standard door. In a retail environment, the doors are opening and closing all the time, and in an industrial facility, they can be hit or bumped when work is going on in the facility.

Damage to Doors

Replacing a damaged commercial door can take a little more time than a standard door would. The doors are often made of steel or heavy materials to stand up to wear and tear, and many times, the door frame is part of the door and must be replaced with the door. A commercial door repair company can help you determine what you need for your door and install the new door for you. 

Retail doors are a little different because they are often made from aluminum and glass. The frame is easily bent or damaged on this style of door, so it is common to replace the entire door if it is damaged rather than try and repair it. 

If the only damage is broken glass, the commercial door repair service can often replace the glass and reuse the frame of the door, but it is essential to check the frame to ensure there is no warping or twisting to it before putting new glass into the frame.

Damage to Door Locks

Commercial door locks are built a little different than standard locks, and when there is damage to the lock, they are expensive to replace. A lock that has a key broken off in it can be a real problem, and while it may seem impossible to get the key out, a commercial locksmith with the correct tools can usually extract the key. 

If the locksmith can not get the key out, the lock may need to be replaced with a new lock. Most commercial locks have cylinders that a locksmith can remove from the mechanism and replace it with a new one. The locksmith can also rekey the new cylinder to use the same keys as the old lock so that you do not have to issue all new keys to people.

Openers and Controls

If your commercial door is okay, but the opener is not working, it is critical that you have a commercial door repair service fix the problem. While the problem is often a minor repair or adjustment, you must have a technician that understands the openers working on it. Talk to the door repair company for help getting your doors working properly. 

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