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Prepare For An Emergency Lockout

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Even if you strive to be responsible and remain aware of your surroundings, being in a rush and having a lot of responsibilities to handle can lead to accidentally locking your keys in your vehicle. Taking the time to prepare for an emergency will prevent you from being stranded alongside your vehicle for a long duration.

Have Keys Made And Maintain Rituals

If you do not currently have an extra ignition or trunk key, have copies of them made. Copies are inexpensive, and they may be a lifesaver in your time of need. Secure the keys to a different keyring than the one that the original keys are on, and store the keychain somewhere that is easily accessible, such as a bedside bureau or your office desk.

Vow to complete the same steps each time you enter and exit your car. For example, once you are inside of your vehicle, take the time to ensure that all of the small items that you have brought along with you are adequately stored inside of your purse or wallet and set either item on the passenger seat.

Once you arrive at a destination, take the time to retrieve all of your items and look closely at the ignition to ensure that the key has been removed. These extra steps may seem silly to you at first, but after you practice them on a routine basis, you will automatically scan the inside of your vehicle before exiting, which will prevent the likelihood of leaving your keys behind.

If you are often in a rush, leave for each destination a few minutes early so that you will have plenty of time to assess the inside of your vehicle before locking it. 

Pack An Emergency Kit

Obtain a locksmith's phone number and store it inside of your purse or wallet. Designate a small bag to hold emergency supplies. This bag should be kept with you at all times so that you have access to it, even if you have accidentally locked your keys in your vehicle.

The emergency supplies should include bottled water, a couple snacks, and a flashlight. In the event that you are need of a locksmith, retrieve the phone number from your purse or wallet and call the locksmith to report the emergency.

While you are waiting for the locksmith to arrive, you can use the flashlight to assist with seeing if it is dark outside and there is inadequate lighting by your vehicle. The bottle of water and the snacks will tide you over while you are waiting for the auto locksmith to come to your aid.