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4 Damaging Entrance Door Mistakes to Avoid

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The entrance door to any business makes the very first impression, which is why business owners need to pay careful attention to their entrance door every time they themselves come in and out of it. Here are four damaging mistakes many businesses make that ruin the effectiveness of their entrance door:

Mistake #1: Put Displays too Close

Placing any kind of display by the front entrance of your business works similarly to curb appeal for a home. However, you don't want to place any kind of decor or display too close to the entrance door. Chances are, your entrance door is made of glass, which is more vulnerable to scratches, smudges, and cracks or chips. You want the whole front entrance to be clear so that the door can swing open and shut without hitting anything along the way. Be sure that you test this by opening and closing the door all the way carefully when you put out a display or piece of decor.

Mistake #2: Don't Consider a Narrow Entrance

If the entrance to your business is rather narrow, it needs to be considered in order to protect your entrance door. You need door stoppers and you need proper props to hold open the entrance door if you have heavy foot traffic. This prevents the door from being opened and closed too often, which can be damaging in the case of a narrow entrance since bumping into the door while bringing things in and out is more likely to happen in these situations.

Mistake #3: Not Repairing a Misaligned Door

If the entrance door is misaligned, you need to call that in for repairs right away. Not only can this cause further damage later on to the entrance door, but it can be dangerous for the people coming in and out. Should the door completely fall, it can really harm anyone who was standing in the way. 

Mistake #4: Ignoring Weather Stripping

Finally, you need to pay attention to the weather stripping underneath the door. If you notice that it is frayed, it needs to be replaced not only to ensure better insulation inside, but also to prevent more extensive damages to the door. If the adhesive of the weather stripping falls off altogether, you will probably have to replace the door. 

These are just four of the most damaging mistakes that are often done when it comes to handling the front entrance of a business. Avoiding these issues by contacting commercial door repair services.