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Bought An Auctioned Storage Unit? Hire A Locksmith To Gain Access To Everything

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Going to storage unit auctions is an opportunity to buy a large collection of items that you may want to keep or sell. You will often get a look at the inside of a storage unit before bidding on it. After winning, you will be given access to everything within the unit, but you will often be given a limited time frame to remove it all because the facility will want to rent it out to customers.

If you come across a storage unit with lots of locked items, you should hire a locksmith because they can help you with gaining access to all possessions before you must move everything.

File Cabinets

One of the things that you will need to get into is file cabinets. If you are not able to find any keys while roaming around the unit, you will not have easy access to what is inside. While you could damage the file cabinets to gain access, you may want to keep or sell the file cabinets. So, a locksmith is exactly who you want to hire when you are interested in preserving the cabinets.

Another way that you can get help from a locksmith is by having them make replacement keys. This will allow you to use the cabinets or sell them with a key to maximize the sale price.


Some items inside the storage unit may be protected with a padlock. For instance, lawn mowers and bicycles are some things that you may have trouble moving or using with a padlock attached. You can have a locksmith remove the padlock and avoid damage to the attached item.


Aside from file cabinets and padlocks, you may also find safes inside the storage unit. If there is a combination required, you may be able to find the correct combination by looking around. When you give a locksmith enough time, they will often be able to find out the combination with their knowledge and expertise, which means the safe will remain in its current condition.

This will allow you to take it home and use it or sell it as a functional safe. In some cases, the safe may need to be pried open or cut open and this is when the safe will no longer be usable.

Hiring a locksmith is an excellent plan when you end up with an auctioned storage unit without keys or combinations to get into all the items behind locked safes or cabinets. Visit a site like http://www.beckerlocksmithservices.com for more help.