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Safeguard Your New Home And Property From Prowlers

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Moving into a new neighborhood can be exciting, but it can also produce seeds of doubt if you have decided to relocate to a busy metropolis that has a consistently high crime rate. Use the tips below to safeguard your home and property and prevent prowlers from entering the premises and vandalizing or stealing items. 

Have New Locks Installed And Add Chain Slide Locks

Contact a locksmith and request that they stop by your residence to install new locks. Although the chances of someone having a copy of the key to your current locks is slim, it still doesn't hurt to change the locking systems to ensure that you will be the sole key holder. Before choosing locks, ask about the various models and the strength of each one.

If you want to choose a more modern locking technique, have a keypad installed on each door so that a code will need to be used to gain entry to your residence. After locks have been changed, install chain slide locks next to the interior edges of the doors for additional protection from intruders. 

Use A Motion Detector When Not At Home

A motion detector will record movements that occur on your property during the daytime or at night. An infrared sensor that is installed on a detector will activate a detector when a person approaches or enters your property. If you opt to purchase a detector, have it professionally installed near the edge of your property.

When you are not going to be at home, turn on the detector. Program the device so that you are provided with mobile alerts if anyone enters the premises. Otherwise, watch the footage that was recorded when you return home to ensure that nobody was lurking on or near your property. 

Install Fencing And Post Signs

Fencing that is constructed of metal or vinyl posts will provide you with privacy when outdoors and will prevent prying eyes from seeing what types of recreational equipment or vehicles you own. A fencing contractor can be hired to install a standard fence or one that is customized.

If a lock is installed on the gate that is secured to a fence, you can secure your property each day that you will be gone for a while. Add signs to the fence that state that you own a watch dog or that you have security cameras installed. The signs will deter anyone from attempting to break through the fence if they are fearful of being apprehended if they do so. 

For more tips and help with boosting your home's security, talk with a local locksmith service, such as Key One Locksmith.