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How New Digital Locks Could Make Your Restaurant More Secure

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If you plan to change the locks on your restaurant to increase security, you may want to upgrade to a digital lock with a keypad. There are several benefits to having these locks installed, especially when you own a business and want key employees to gain access to the building when you're not there. Here is a look at how these locks can help make your building more secure.

Digital Locks Can't Be Picked Or Bumped

It isn't all that difficult for an intruder to get past most locks. All it takes is a little skill with lock picking or bumping. Bumping is the easiest to do since you can get bump keys off the internet that slide right into a lock and open it like a real key. One way to thwart this crime is to install digital locks that don't have keyholes with pins that can be manipulated. Intruders may break in by knocking out glass or some other method, which is more likely to attract attention, but they won't be able to slip in by simply picking a lock.

Key Codes Can Be Changed Instantly

If you give a key to one of your employees and then you have a falling out, you would have to change your lock or have it rekeyed to keep the ex-employee out. Even if the employee returned the key, you couldn't be sure he or she didn't make a copy to break in and cause trouble later on. When you have a digital lock, you can create several different codes so each employee with access can have a unique code. This is a handy feature because when the employee quits or is terminated, all you have to do is disable the code and the employee can no longer get inside your building. While you'll want a locksmith to install the new locks, you can easily change the codes by yourself whenever you want.

Temporary Codes Allow Emergency Access

Another useful feature of using a digital lock that operates on codes is that you can instantly create a temporary code and then disable it when it is no longer needed. You might want to do this if a contractor comes to work on your restaurant during the off hours and you can't be there. You can give a temporary code to a cleaning service or a delivery company, or anyone else you trust. It is much safer than handing out a key because once the service has been completed, the code will no longer work. You won't have to worry about them sharing the code or returning at a later time when you aren't aware of it. You may even need to give out a code during an emergency such as a plumbing leak when someone needs to get inside quickly. Being able to do this could save you from costly repairs of breaking through a window or door to gain quick access.

If you decide to have a locksmith install a digital lock system, you can have one of these locks put on the front door, delivery door, and even on an internal office door, and each can have their own codes as well as a single master code. These locks will enhance the security of your building and make it much more convenient to allow employee access. Best of all, it gives you peace of mind because you won't have to worry about keys to your restaurant being shared or misplaced.