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4 Traits To Look For In A High-Quality Gun Safe

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If you own firearms, you need to make sure that you take the appropriate steps to keep your firearms safe. You don't want just anyone to have access to your firearms. The best way to protect your guns is with a high-quality gun safe. When it comes to finding a high-quality gun safe, there are a few specific construction traits you should look for.

Trait #1: Textured Powder Coated Finish

You want the outside of your gun safe to be just as durable as the inside of your gun safe. A powder coating on the outside of your gun safe will create a hard finish that will not chip or fade away over time. A powder-coated finish will not scratch as easily as a regular paint finish or get as many blemishes. With a powder-coated finish, the exterior of your gun safe will be able to handle years of wear while looking brand-new.

Trait #2: Fire Seal

With a gun safe, you want a nice seal around the door. A fire seal is made of a sodium silicate material that is encased inside of a thermoplastic profile. With this type of seal, if your safe is ever exposed to extreme heat, the material will expand and create a foam. This foam will fill any joints, gaps, and cavities around the door seal, preventing smoke and fire from getting into your gun safe. A fire seal door will ensure your guns are safe even if your home burns down.

Trait #3: Thick Body

When it comes to keeping your guns safe, you want your safe to have a thick body. Look for a strong body that is made using a continuously welding system, which prevents gaps and weak points in the body. Don't invest in a safe with spot welds or Bondo; a safe with those features can easily be pried open.

You are also going to want to look for a body that uses at least 12-gauge steel. A 12-gauge steel body can be expensive, but it will provide your guns with a high degree of protection.  

Trait #4: Multi-Layer Door

Finally, you want to look for a safe that has a multiple layer door. You want to look for a safe that uses what is known as a roll form door design. With a roll form design, you will have 12-gauge steel that is used to form the door and protects both the interior and exterior walls of the door. Then, in the middle of the door, is a fireboard made of roll form that will help keep your safe protected in the event of a fire. Then, a stiffener plate is added to the door for extra security.

When you are looking for a gun safe, pay attention to how each component of the safe is constructed. You want a safe with a door that contains multiple layers, with a thick body made of 12-gauge steel with continuous welds, a fire seal around the door, and a powder-coated exterior.

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